'I worked closely with Training at Peter Drew in key areas such as Sales, Service and Management development; the training sessions were always lively with engaging discussion and realistic learning pieces that can be applied in the real world.’

Peter Sutton, Managing Director Oakpark Security (part of the Vertas Group)


‘I invited Jane McKenna to address the issues of female personal safety on our UK sites after our staff asked for guidance on socialising safely and travelling safely. The sessions were a great success and the feedback 100 per cent positive with advice that the staff were able to put into practice immediately. It is hugely important to us that all our staff feel safe both inside and outside the workplace.’

Brendan Bourke, UK Director GlaxoSmithKline

Maiyango Hotel

Jane McKenna was instrumental in turning my Front of House staff around; they helped with the recruitment of the team and then trained my staff in all aspects of customer service- the guys continue to use all they have learned, their attitude is now so passionate and I have retained the same team. Great result !’

Aatin Anadkat, Managing Director Maiyango Hotel